Aarhus Scooter



We are based in an ‘obsolete’ scooter shop in Aarrhus (DK). The point of departure in our projects is existing places and materials approached with the intention of prolonging their lives by inscribing them into new narratives and collaborations.


Klostergade 74

8000 Aarhus

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       Dungeness;       —UK

It is ultimately a matter of temperament whether one is depressed by reminders of mortality. The sculptors of our dispositions have varied moods — seeing a hare’s carcass on a childhood hike versus surviving the death of a paren
Quite simply though, some of us are drawn to environs where the contemplation of transcendental change is an involuntary aspect — ruins, deserts, the open ocean… Places that others might find
t when young, surely have differing effects. And neither example ensure a particular outcome of personality — there are ever so many factors.

            a bit sad. I am not of the latter type, to say that I don’t find ruins or forlorn places “sad” would not be wholly accurate. Rather I consider myself a peer of those like Wordsworth or Kawabata; those who could never say "beauty" without also feeling loss.