Architectural D(io)rama (2022)

format: installation / performance

Architectural Diorama - exploring the construction site - a place for material speculation. Architectural Diorama was made for OPEN festival 2022.  The work is an installation with the progress of three performative acts.

Act 1/3: Duration: 20 min

The body… soils

Act 2/3: Duration: 20 min

… not just asleep… seeds

Act 3/3: Duration: 20 min

… still returning… storms!

It is a distorted reproduction/reconstruction of a construction site. A familiar but inaccessible typology that, in its rest, holds the potential for new ways of building.

The work is pointing towards the invisible production of architecture and mobilization of exhaustible resources - soils and metals. The piece appears as a physical symbol of Western resource speculation and territorial delimitation.

In the work the building is absent. What is left is the materials included in the facilitation of the building construction, which, in the end, is considered garbage/trash.

The garbage is curated in an ambiguous temporality - seeds and soils accumulate and new landscapes appear. It is not possible to tell if the construction site is abandoned - if one exists in a ‘before’ or an ‘after’.

The work is also pointing towards a construction freeze as a Western response to compensate for centuries of exploitation of imported resources and a class-divisive housing market.

The term construction freeze is echoed in the temporary discourse within the industry of architecture. A change of perspective from reception to production, co- and re-production.

Although an exhausting adjustment in the capitalist structures of architecture.

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Karen Kjærgaard / Anna Norup Lindblad / Per Aarsleff


Water (found), dandelion seeds (harvested), butterfly (found), sand (borrowed), soil (borrowed), gravel (borrowed), rocks (borrowed), bricks (borrowed), tiles (found), timber(borrowed), veneer (borrowed), iron angle (found), ventilation tubes (borrowed), metal fence (found), glass table top (found), curtain (found), tarp (borrowed), plastic mesh (found), textile strip (found), cigarette (found), asphalt (found


Construction sites /  Lisbjerg Genbrugsstation / Arkitektskolen Aarhus