Automatic Display

format: exhibition
Automatic Display offers the future traveler artistic goods, to ease or thrill the act of waiting or traveling. If you wish to purchase an artistic item from a total of 10 artists, a transaction must take place. Each work has its own type. To guide you through the right transaction, iOM! is at your service during opening hours. Please call +93907476.

Through an Open Call, iOM! selected 8 proposals for the content of  Automatic Display. Themes/impressions of the art pieces may be derived from their titles:

Landskap og Naboskap, ⌘, Anonymous Celebrity, The Magic Train Game, Horny for Aurora Borealis, untitled (Conch + Fordites, Smell of a Stranger, a dream of being so seen we can be found in a vending machine.

Automatic Display holds conceptual references to an actual vending machine, but appears as a vertical and transparent installation encapsulating the art pieces. While each piece is curated on a separate platform, the transparency of the ‘Automatic Display’ allows multiple visual relations between the art pieces.

what can the ‘Automatic Display’ contain?

what could ease or thrill the future traveler's journey?

how can more people come into possession of art?

can it be borrowed? can it be in exchange? is it for sale? other valuable consideration than money?

Automatic Display was a part of the exhibition ‘Perron Ceremoni’ (eng: Perron Ceremony). In the course of 3 weeks, the former waiting halls of Copenhagen Central Station temporarily reappeared in a utopian version; “dioramas, scenography, soundscapes, and an extensive event program explored the many cultures and aesthetics of public transportation”. (Lauge Floris & Anna Lindblad, main curators)”

‘Perron Ceremoni’ was:
- mentioned as a part of the programme for CAFx - Copenhagen Architecture Festival
- recommended by Arkitekten and Berlingske


Nils Ekman, Frida Retz & Janosh Heydorn, Lars Jonsson, Billie Meiniche, Anne Sofie Fiala & Tilde Platz, Maria H. Thomsen, Juliette Ringrose, Sabine Wedege, Anna Norup Lindblad, Lauge Floris


Paper, wood, acrylic paint, glass bottles, St. John’s wort, sprinkles, holy water, conchs, fordite, cardboard, plastic, hand sanitizer, smells, cork


Copenhagen Central Station, Hald Bageri, Aarhus industrihal