Helbrede, Lindre, Trøste (2022)

Format: group exhibition

The nurses' former motto, ‘(sometimes)heal - (often)ease - (always)comfort’ is ‘resuscitated’ through engraving into the empty operation blackboards, framing the group show by 8 artists and iOM! on the abandoned hospital. Does illness arise from within or does it creep in from outside, is it transmitted? What are the dynamics of comforting relations? is hope good or bad? what happens to the body(parts) in exhausted or rising postures? Why are hospitals and hotels so much alike?

Common for the pieces is the visible absence of bodies that once rested in the hospital interior. iOM! develops a scenographic curation with the use of former hospital furniture, reassembled and mounted to distort the expectations of the behavior at a hospital. By uncovering blocked skylights and windows through the act of ‘subtraction’, an uncanny lightning of the 16 pieces is staged in hallways and operating theatre.


Anna Norup Lindblad / Mie Mo / Clemens Dod Mantle/ Ida Lundøe / Anders Morre / Line Rolf Moesgaard / ALTER


Rapeseed oil, water, stinging nettle (harvested), madder root (harvested), St. John's wort (harvested), thuja (harvested), indigo, beeswax, flowers (withered), yarn, pillowcases (reuse), sheet (reused), wool, indigo, hospital uniforms (borrrowed), textile (reused), clay (found), clay, bathing chairs (borrowed), dishwashing stands (borrowed), metal table top (borrowed), mirror (reused), metal screws, shelf bracket(reused), zink (found), mirror (reused), dishwashing


Aarhus Amtssygehus