Oily Pockets (2022)

Format: exhibition (Open Call)

The exhibition is centered around site-specific art, focusing on the production of art and co-creation in an open framework. Through an open call, 4 artists were selected to collaborate around a transformation of the former scooter shop into a working atelier and a public exhibition.

What is the smell of oil? There is still an odor in the scooter shop, stains and patches on the floor too. In the back, empty containers from heavy soap are floating around. Why is it so sticky on one's hands? messy…smooth…

Vrooom, splash, drip.

Oiled scooter engines are revving up in the streets outside – Where does it come from? The oil?! From under the seabed… fossils? In some places oil is trapped in pockets underground - rocky formations in umbrella-like shapes.


Sissel Skjød Hartvigsen / Didde Borup Larsen / Isabella La Cour / Line Rolf Moesgaard / Siska Katrine Jørgensen / Olga Benedicte / Mikkel Hammer Elming / Lauge Floris / Aarhus Kommune Kulturudviklingspulje / SJASK / BERTA/ PSYCHE ORGANIC


Bread, olive oil, beeswax, cider, cardboard box (reused), timber shelves (reused), timber rafters (reused), brass thread, brass thread, flat iron, zink (reused), metal trolley (found), glass tray (reused), glasses (reused), soap, chalk, plaster, nail polish, plastic oil bottle (reused), sun foil, steamer (reused), hosepipe (reused)


Aarhus Scooter