Why so wordy? (2022)

Format: group exhibition (Open Call)

Let’s question the stories we tell... Climate Crisis can be so wordy and difficult to sense; Anthropocene, The Sixth Great Extinction, Climate Emergency, Ecocide, Eco-anxiety etc. How do these terms resonate with us? Which assumptions define the ruling narratives? Can physical modes of expression and art free us from the rigidity of our own language, our wired tongues?


Rasmus Drastrup, Marius Mallet, Julia Karla, Kasper Mikael Jacek, Mie Mo, Clemens Dod Mantle, Julie Hvass, Sofie Krogh Stautz, A Good Year,  Tobias Laust, Albert Hildebrand, Simone Rasch Cymborski, Sidsel Winther, Sophie Filtenborg, Łukasz Horbów, Lars Jonsson, Rikke Helbo, Anna Norup Lindblad, Lisbet Thorborg Andersen,  Kristyan Nicholson,  Julia Rosenstock,  María Kristín H. Antonsdottír,  Josefine Alma Bundsgaard, Tyra Matilda Rex, Adam Marcel Nielsen,  Siska Katrine Jørgensen, Line Rolf Moesgaard,  Olga Benedicte, Mathias Ruthner,  SJASK


Human sweat, bread, olive oil, seaweed (harvested), beetroot, salt, beer, moss, bark, plants (withered), cone, horse bone, cheese wax, soil, sand, stoneware, timber, rock, brick, mortar,  cardboard, paper, cigarette pack (reused),  suit (reused), curtain (found), foam mattress (reused), drinking glasses (reused), glass plate (reused), porcelain plates (reused), metal cans, backpack frame (reused), steel plate, steel metal chains, screw bolt, metal screws, flat iron, operation scissors, raw plugs, plastic barrel (reused), plastic fan, id-card (reused, tarp, wig, signboard (plastic/metal frame), plastic bag, zip tie, yoga mat, pigment, glazing (pottery), spray paint, oil paint, polyester, stickers


Aarhus Scooter