Alter Festival (2023)

Format: art space / venue
ALTER is Aarhus based festival for transgressive sonic and visual art. This year the festival was decentralized - spread out in five locations - “ Each place and each thread represent a story that weaves together a grander narrative – an entity suspended between a multitude of places as a fully altered state of the festival emerges”(ALTER)

iOM! + ALTER has set the art-programme. Works traveled between the locations of the festival to end up in HUS8000, contributing to the “weaving” of places.

iOM! in addition contributed with curatorial and scenic props. Focusing on “flooring”, we lifted, swept, and draped the actual or imitated floor to accommodate performances, sculptures, and concerts.

Photo Credits: Natalie Black for ALTER festival 2023
(photo 1-2, 4-6, 9-10)
Photo Credit: Mie Mo
(photo 3)


ALTER crew, Anna Norup Lindblad, Therese Bülow, Korana Jelača, Lou Lange, Mie Mo, Skjold Rambow, Runa Rosgaard, Peter Scherrebeck


latex, wax, fat, polished aluminum, spelsau wool natural/dyed with St. John’s wort, cork, hornbeam, video, sound, acrylic, reused molton, smells, scooter, veil, magic spray, fake flower leaves, invitations, compressed cardboard, rubber band, water-based paint, light chain, plastic, jute ribbon, mixed fabric remnants, mud from a lake, burned stage glove with glitter, black and white satin, old tires, vinyl flooring, tin plates as flooring


AROS, Møntmestergården (Den Gamle By), Kunsthal Aarhus, Voxhall, HUS8000